Battery Discharge Warning In BMW- Should You Worry? 

Battery Discharge Warning In BMW- Should You Worry? 

The battery discharge warning in your BMW typically signifies that the battery is draining quicker than being charged. Generally, a battery discharge warning in BMW can be caused by an electrical issue. You can see the warning on your car’s screen, info cluster, or infotainment system. 

Now, unusual weather, outdated batteries, listening to the radio while the car is off, etc. are some reasons behind this issue. But, you can fix it. Here is how-

  • Switch on your BMW
  • Turn off the warning
  • Reset battery switch
  • Maintain the battery
  • Replace the battery

An increased battery discharge in a BMW can harm the car badly. Although some cars include a battery protection feature, you can have some other necessary tips in this article. 

Battery Is Discharging While The Car Is Off- Reasons 

Your BMW’s battery is discharging while the car is stopped. This is because the alternator is not used to charge the batteries at that time. 

  • Sometimes, we enable the ignition to listen to the radio while parking. This can cause the battery to drain faster than ever.
  • Loose terminals in your car can cause the batteries to drain faster. So, you must verify the terminals.
  • The battery discharging while a stopped BMW can also indicate outdated batteries. 
  • If the weather is unusual, then the car’s batteries can also be discharged quickly. 
  • If you turn on the car’s headlight while it is off, the batteries can drain quickly. 
  • Some parasitic consumption can also be a reason for this problem. 

Symptoms That Show Your Car’s Battery Is Low

battery discharge warning

You will surely notice some symptoms when your car’s battery is low. If you know all the symptoms, you can maintain the safety of the car perfectly. 

Here are the signs that show your car’s battery is low.

  • You will see that the car’s engine is slow when you are about to start it.
  • The engine light will be turned on.
  • The lights of the car will become dim.
  • You can hear corrosion around the connectors around the battery.
  • There will be a misshapen battery box.

How Can You Resolve The Battery Discharge Warning Issue?

So, now that you know the reasons and signs of the battery discharge warning in a BMW, it’s time to know the fixes. 

Step 1: Switch on your BMW. Maybe you are getting the issue due to the radio, extreme weather, or parasitic consumption. Therefore, when you switch on your car, the warning is likely to be disappeared.

Step 2: Turn off the warning. Sometimes, it will fix the issue. 

Step 3: In some car models, this warning is considered a protective measure to avoid battery damage. So, you can reset the battery switch to fix it.

Step 4: If you are still seeing the warning, you must verify the water level, connections, loose terminals, etc. to resolve the issue. 

Step 5: Finally, to resolve the issue, you’ll need to change the batteries. An outdated battery is not good for your BMW model. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How fast can a battery discharge?
Ans. In case the car’s new batteries start to be discharged, it may rear up to 2 to 3 months. But, if the battery is old and outdated, you have less than 10 days to replace it.  

Q2. Why does my BMW say the battery is discharged?

  • You have an outdated battery.
  • You enable the radio while the car is off.
  • The battery can discharge due to extreme weather. 

Q3. What If A Battery Becomes Discharged?
Ans. If the car’s battery becomes discharged, you will not be able to start the engine or use the electrical features of the car properly. You will see the lights becoming dim. Pulling down the windows of the car will take more time. Finally, the battery of the car will be dead. 

Final Thoughts

So, you see, a battery discharge warning can be caused by so many issues. But, it is not a serious problem if you take the necessary actions to maintain the batteries. Also, do not forget to read the car’s manual carefully. All the best! 

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