BMW TMP Malfunction- Possible Causes And Fixes

BMW TMP Malfunction- Possible Causes And Fixes

Have you recently witnessed your BMW’s Tire Pressure Warning Light illuminating? It may be a result of BMW TMP malfunction. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System of BMW alerts you if the tire pressure is shallow. The moment tire pressure is below 20%, it will show you a light. It indicates that something is wrong with the monitoring system.

Here are the fixing methods-

  • Verify the tire pressure
  • Reset the TPM
  • Drive the BMW
  • Verify the tire pressure again.
  • Change the TPM of your BMW.

Nowadays, each car in the United States, including BMW has a kit, known as TMP. It monitors the tire pressure. Now, the reasons behind the TPM malfunction in a BMW can be many. But, don’t be worried. In this tech guide, we will give you a clear view of BMW TPMS malfunction and its fixes. Keep reading. 

BMW TMP Malfunction: Causes 

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System or TPM is considered a vital kit in each BMW. Every BMW car includes four tires. So, developers have made TPM so that it can keep an eye on all the tires. It will show you light when the tire pressure decreases below 20%. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the Tire Pressure Monitoring System can malfunction. We have made a list of the most common reasons behind this specific issue in a BMW.

  • A defective TPM sensor can cause the problem.
  • Maybe the RDC module becomes defective.
  • Maybe there are some erroneous sensor batteries. 
  • There may be some communication issues.
  • A mechanical damage can also cause this issue.
  • A faulty fuse of the TPM can also show you the light.

Below, we have listed the step-by-step diagnostics to fix the BMW TPM malfunction issue. 

Step By Step Diagnostics To Resolve The BMW TPM Malfunction


Before you fix this malfunction in BMW, you must find out what actually causes the problem. The TPM light will not tell you the exact issue. So, you may have a fair chance that there is no issue at all. 

Here is how you will be able to fix the malfunction of BMW’s TPM.

Step 1. Verify The Tire Pressure

First, you’ll have to verify the pressure of the tire. If required, refill them. If it resolves the problem, just be relaxed. If not, follow the below steps. 

Step 2. Reset BMW TPMS

You may reset your BMW’s TPMS after you refill the tires. However, the resetting process gets changed depending on the model of your BMW. So, it will be great if you follow the manual of the vehicle. For BMW TMPS reset, follow the steps. 

  • Launch the Dashboard menu of the car.
  • Go to the Menu option.
  • Choose the ‘Vehicle Info’ option.
  • Search for the ‘Perform Reset’ button. 
  • Choose ‘Tire Pressure’. 
  • Do not switch off the car until the resetting process is finished. 

Step 3. Drive The BMW

Drive your BMW now. If you do not notice the light illuminating, the issue has gone. But, if it hasn’t, go to the next step. 

Step 4. Verify The Tire Pressure Again

If you see the light illuminating after doing the above-said methods, you’ll need to check the tire pressure again. If you see low pressure, then maybe one of your tires is punctured. Repair or replace the tire in such a situation. 

Step 5. Change The TPM

In case you see the TPM warning light again, it’s time to replace the BMW’s TPM. it can up to 5 to 7 years. Call an expert to change the TPM. 

Step 6. Reset The BMW TPM Warning

  • Open vehicle settings.
  • Choose Vehicle Tires.
  • Select the TPM menu.
  • Choose ‘Reset’ and press the knob of iDrive.
  • Choose ‘YES’.

What Will Happen If I Can’t Fix This Error?

Quite simple! If you will not be able to resolve the TPM malfunction yourself, you should take the vehicle to an expert. There may be a bigger problem with the BMW. First, check the warranty of your vehicle. If it is out of warranty, go to a mechanic who can fix the tires. 

Final Thoughts

Seeing your BMW malfunctioning is quite annoying and frustrating. However, the above-said 5 steps can fix this malfunction in most cases. Sometimes, the TPM of your BMW becomes very old. That is why it is malfunctioning. Replacing it is the best option then. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How does BMW TMP work?
Ans. TPM is a tire monitoring system in every BMW in the United States. When the tire pressure decreases below 20%, it shows the warning light to the driver. The driver then can take necessary actions. 

Q2. what happens when you can’t fix the issue?
Ans. If you cannot fix the BMW TPM malfunction, go to an expert to fix it. 

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