How Much BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost In 2023 ?

How Much BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost In 2023 ?

Are you worried about your BMW brake fluid change cost? Simply put, the cost to change the brake fluid in your BMW is between $250 and $350. You have to spend this amount if your BMW is made after 2010. If the model is older, the rate will change to $150 – $200. 

The BMW brake fluid service cost also includes labor costs and the price of the brake fluid. You’ll need to spend $20-$30 for the brake fluid.  So, stop worrying about the changing cost of the brake fluid of your BMW. Keep reading this guide and learn what you should do. 

Is Brake Fluid Important To BMW?

BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost

Actually, the brake fluid in a BMW is a hydraulic fluid. This fluid is pressurized highly so that the brake can function properly. The moment a driver applies the brake, the fluid transforms the force into high pressure. So, the vehicle can be stopped easily. 

Here are other essential reasons why the brake fluid is important to a BMW.

  • The ABS system of the vehicle will not fail because of the brake fluid. 
  • The brake fluid is a shield to the metal components of the car.
  • It maintains the movement of the brake pedal. 

How Often Should The Brake Fluid Be Changed In Your BMW?

You should change the brake fluid in your BMW every two years. The gap of two years is important. The brake fluid in a BMW is a hygroscopic fluid. Therefore, this fluid absorbs moisture. Also, the brake fluid in a car includes water. This causes air bubbles. Now, the moment someone applies the brake, water will boil because of the friction. As a result, the brake fluid ends up becoming thinner than ever. Also, the fluid loses its effectiveness. 

So, every BMW owner needs to change the brake fluid every two years. However, you may replace the brake fluid early. 

When Does A BMW Owner Need To Change The Brake Fluid?- Symptoms

BMW Brake Fluid Change Cost

If you know the symptoms that indicate changing the brake fluid, you can save the brake fluid change cost. 

  • You will see the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) warning light turned on if it’s time to change the brake fluid. 
  • If you feel unusual when you apply the brake pedal, it means the brake fluid has become thinner and needs to be changed. 
  • If the brake fluid is contaminated, you can feel a burning smell. 
  • The moment the brake fluid loses its effectiveness, you’ll need more time and effort to apply the brake. 

The BMW brake fluid flush cost will depend on all these symptoms. To replace the brake fluid, the cost can go higher if the situation is too bad. 

How Can You Save Money On A BMW Brake Fluid Change?

I have already discussed that if you want to change the brake fluid, the cost can revolve around $200 – $300. It’s a lot of money. You may get it done from $150 to $200 if you have a model older than 2010. 

Fortunately, you can have a few ways that help you to save money on the brake fluid change. Here they are-

  • Avoid taking the BMW to a dealership to change the brake fluid. There are many independent shops that can do it from $50 to $100. 
  • You may change the fluid yourself. You’ll need wrenches, a brake bleeder kit, and 2 liters of DOT4 brake fluid. That’s it. 

Final Thoughts

I have shared all the information that you should know about the BMW brake fluid change cost. Now, do your budget and get it done if necessary. All the best. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. How Long Will the Brake Fluid Change Take?
Ans. You will need to spend at least 30 to 40 minutes at a shop to change the brake fluid of a BMW. 

Q2. Is it expensive to change brake fluid?
Ans. Yes. Spending $200-$350 to change the brake fluid is way too much.  But, if you change the fluid yourself or at an independent car service center, your money will be saved. 

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