5 Simple Steps: BMW Battery Replacement & Registration

5 Simple Steps: BMW Battery Replacement & Registration

I am quite sure that every BMW owner loves their car and treats it as a family member. Therefore, to keep it safe, you need to know some important things about the BMW. They include replacing the air filter, oil, car serving, and others. But, the most important thing is the BMW battery replacement and registration. 

Now, you must be thinking that the BMW key fob battery replacement is a complicated process. Should you do it yourself? Or should you call an expert to replace the BMW key fob battery? 

Actually, you can replace the battery of your BMW yourself. You will need to go along with some complicated steps for that. But, for registration, you definitely need help if you do not know much about it. Don’t worry! I’ll get you covered. 

What Battery Should You Choose?

If you want to change the battery of your BMW, you should choose the exact same as your old battery. Thus, you can have the same features and capabilities. Now, if you are thinking of a BMW key battery replacement, you should know about AGM, Liquid Lead Acid, and GEL batteries. 

What Are The Differences Between AGM, Liquid Lead Acid, And GEL Batteries?

1. AGM (Absorbed Glass Matt) Batteries

AGM or Absorbed Glass Matt batteries are considered dry-cell and lead-acid batteries. AGM batteries are safer than Liquid batteries because the glass fibers in them create a mesh inside the battery. In case, the battery gets damaged, even then the acid can’t get out of it. On the other hand, these types of batteries are fully sealed. So, you don’t need to maintain them in any other way. 

2. Liquid Lead Acid Batteries

Liquid Lead Acid batteries are the most popular and most used batteries in the market. They are the regular type batteries that include wet or flooded cells. One can instantly recognize a Liquid Lead Acid battery by seeing its cap. You will be able to open the cap and fill it with distilled water. 

3. Gel Batteries

Just like the AGM batteries, Gel batteries are also dry-cell batteries. These types of batteries include electrolytes in the form of a gel. Again, GEL batteries are fully sealed like AGM batteries. But, you can’t notice filling ports or caps on these batteries. So, to identify it, you may verify the battery by seeing the label. Or, you may verify it by shaking the battery. 

How Can You Replace The Battery Of Your BMW Car?

Do you want to replace the battery of your BMW car yourself? If so, I have discussed the full procedure to change the BMW battery in the below section.

  • First, it’s recommended to turn off the ignition of the car. Now, take out the key. After that, locate the BMW car’s battery. You should see inside the trunk of the car because you’ll find the car’s battery there. You will notice the battery on the right side of the trunk or on the floor.
  • Take a wrench and detach the negative battery terminal. After that, detach the positive battery cable. Detach the brackets of the battery as well. 
  • Once all these are over, you should detach the battery from the trunk of the car. 
  • Now, before you install the latest battery in the car, you will have to click some pictures of the technical data and the model number of the battery. 
  • After that, it’s time to install the new battery in place of the old battery. So, first, you will have to install the brackets again. If it is a Liquid Acid battery, join it to the vent house. 
  • Finally, the battery posts should be cleaned with a terminal brush. After that, it should be joined to the terminals of the battery. 

How Can You Register Bmw Battery With Bimmertech?

Before registering the battery, you should buy the service battery registration and choose a specific date. 

  • After purchasing the service, you have to schedule a remote coding session with the experts of BimmerTech.
  • Take some pictures of the technical data and model number of the battery before installing it. You will need to for the process of registration. 

The Registration Procedure

  • First, install the battery properly as guided in the above section. Now, get ready for the remote battery registration. 
  • Have strong Wi-Fi access when you begin the coding session and chat with the experts of BimmerTech.  
  • Go to the OBD2 port. Connect it through the coding cable of BimmerTech to the laptop. Use an Ethernet cable. 
  • Once done, the expert will start the registration process. 

Frequently Asked Questions-

Q1. What is BMW battery registration and coding?
Ans. BMW battery registration is updating process in which you let others know that a brand-new battery is installed in your car. Coding is also important because of its specifications. 

Q2. Which BMW models require battery registration?
Ans. BMW models that are developed after 2002 need battery registration.

Q3. How Much Is A Replacement Car Battery?
Ans. BMW battery replacement costs can range from $50 to $500, depending on the size, power, and quality of the battery.

Final Thoughts

So, that’s all for you. I hope I have given all your answers through this guide. So, act as guided here. All the best. 

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