How to clean your engine block yourself?

How to clean your engine block yourself?

The engine block of a motorcycle is more exposed than that of a car. Dust and grime that collects in this part of the motorcycle can affect performance. When you feel that your device is starting to show anhelation , it is a sign that it needs internal cleansing .

The classic cleaning method

Cleaning the engine block in the classic way is by far the most affordable, but also the most efficient. The only downside, it will be necessary to completely disassemble the bike to clean the components piece by piece .

The accessories you will need are a bucket, sponge, soft brush, stiff brush, piece of microfiber, dish soap, paper towel, rubbing alcohol, WD-40 cleaning product. For beginners, WD-40 products are the best degreaser and polish for motorbikes. Micro abrasive, this product is used in the same way as a polish.

Be careful, if you come back from a motorcycle outing, you must wait until it cools down enough before opening it. If necessary, carry out a small cleaning before dismantling.

In a bucket of hot water, put three drops of washing-up liquid and a finger of methylated spirits. Dip the soft brush into this mixture and start scrubbing the motor block. For the most stubborn stains, use the stiff brush. Rinse with water before proceeding. Soil that refuses to come off will disappear with WD-40 . It will be necessary to vigorously rub the engine block with the square of microfiber to make the whole shine.

Chemical cleaning of the engine block

The engine block of the motorcycle is greatly affected by grease projections. To remove this blackish layer, you can use a motor shampoo which will require rinsing with water, a degreasing spray or acetone which must be applied with a brush. These products are effective, but somewhat polluting. If possible, use the classic method.

Cleaning with ecological products of the engine block

Ecological cleaning products are available on the market, such as waterless shampoos . These products are effective, but you will have to work hard for the cleaning itself. Of course, they will not completely remove all stains. For the most recalcitrant grease stains, a little gasoline should be used . The detergent power of this fuel will complete the maintenance of the engine block.

Practical advice for cleaning the engine

Cleaning the engine is a delicate operation, so it will have to be done meticulously. The most recent motorcycles have a complex electronic system that must not be wet. Some precautions should then be taken.

It is necessary to start cleaning on the engine risk areas. The electrical connectors and the electronic management of the ignition must be carefully protected with plastic film or adhesive tape.

When the engine is cold or lukewarm, spray the degreaser on the support, leave to act for a few minutes, then rinse with clear water. Let the water drain for a few minutes then wipe the motor unit with a clean cloth.

When the engine block is stripped of all the layer of grease, it becomes more susceptible to corrosion. To revalue its protection, it will have to be coated with a protective wax . It is also necessary to remember to redo the small lubrication. Preferably use spray lubricants or silicone grease .

The effort that goes into maintaining the engine block optimizes the life expectancy of the motorcycle . It should also not be forgotten that a motorcycle in excellent running condition is safer.

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