Car wraps have become highly popular in recent years and they give the owner an option to change the entire look of the vehicle in addition to providing a ling term protection to it. Wrapping a car with stylish and protective layers makes it easier to protect the chips and blemishes that may occur in the daily use of the vehicle and its exposure to the various elements. Though using a wrap for cars possess several benefits many people usually ask “how much does it cost to wrap a car?”. Some of the details associated with wrapping a vehicle and the several alternatives available for the same are mentioned in the article.

How to wrap a car?

Wrapping a car is a very straightforward practice and it is a task that demands patience and expertise so that the execution of the task is done properly. Several factors affect the wrapping process of any vehicle which include-

  1. The complexity of the design of the car affects the time and need to wrap a vehicle and the cost of it also varies accordingly.
  2. The cars which come with a custom body kit add to the intricacies of the wrapping process and these creases may affect the alterations.
  3. A standard vinyl hue is to be selected from the available options. The vinyl wrap cost depends on the option that the user chooses from the gloss, matte and satin finish.
  4. The requirement of the user also affects the cost and the process of wrapping. In some of the cases, the user does not require to wrap the vehicle from top to bottom and each of the options affects the cost of the process.
    It is very important to conduct an in-depth inspection before planning to apply a wrap as no damage should be made because of the wrap.

How to vinyl wrap?

A vinyl wrap does not adhere to the surface properly and it makes it difficult to execute the wrap clearly and efficiently. For a proper vinyl wrap, the surface should be near to perfect for a proper grip and to form the fit effectively. A thorough cleaning process is to be conducted before starting the process of applying a vinyl wrap so that any dust or dirt can be removed before applying the wrap. Many people also ask about how much vinyl to wrap a car and there are many different tools that are required for a proper vinyl wrap.
The different tools that are required for a vinyl wrap are-

  1. Clay Bar
  2. Tweezers and blade
  3. Tape
  4. A surface cleaner and a gun to heat
  5. A safety cutter for vinyl
  6. Gloves and bottle to spray
  7. Microfiber cloth and flextime (It is a squeegee that is designed for vinyl applications)
    Having proper coordination between all these elements helps the user to apply the vinyl to the car and it takes approximately 3-5 days to complete the process. Everything whether it is the cost or time depends on the complexity of the design.

How long do car wraps last?

Most of the car wraps if applies properly can withstand the elements for up to 3 to 5 years and to increase the duration of the working of the wrap there are some simple steps the user can follow.

  1. Avoid using the automatic or drive-thru which can cause a considerable amount of damage to the wrap.
  2. A jet washer on the car will ensure the safety of the wrap from the vinyl surface and if a spray jet is sued the pressure will potentially harm the vinyl that is wrapped across the car or vehicle.

How much does it cost to get your car professionally wrapped?

Most of the cost that is required for professionally wrapping a car is because of the intensive work required in the process, The price approximations apply to the general and basic applications and once the upgrades are included in the wrap the price starts to increase. The average cost of different types of vehicles that are usually most popular are different and are mentioned below-

In the case of a compact car, the price may start around $2,000. For a family, a sedan would cost about $ 3,000. Since many people ask about the general price of wrapping smart cars, it varies with the different types of cars like the compact crossover, the SUV, or the Luxury sports car. In the case of a full-sized SUV, the cost ranged from about $ 4,000 to $7,000 in the case of luxurious sports cars like Ferrari. Thus when people ask “how much does it cost to wrap a smart car?”, it can range from $2,000 to $ 8,000. Many truck owners have also understood the several benefits of wrapping a vehicle and that is why they have started to switch to wrapping their trucks for which they need to know the cost. Many of them usually ask “how much does it cost to wrap a truck?” which may start from about $ 4,000 and then ranges up to $7,000 or $8,000.

Diy car wrap

Though it is better to get the car wrapped by professionals as they have the experience to execute it properly. This process is both complicated and tedious therefore it is better to get the car wrapped by a professional. However, if the user feels that they have the experience or want to try wrapping their cars on their own.

Working on the car by the owner requires several safety tools to ensure that the process is not messy or dangerous and these are the safety glasses, closed-toe shoes, or the mechanic coveralls. The user may need to organize all of their tools so that they are easily reachable. They may need a flat workspace like a driveway, garage floor, or any well-ventilated area.

How much does it cost to wrap a car yourself?

An average car needs about 250 sq. feet of vinyl to cover the surface and will cost about $500-$750. All of these prices vary depending on the brand, design, and detail of the wrap. The process of wrapping a car by itself varies on the size of the wrap and the color, design, brand of the vinyl and the largest amount that is taken usually for a wrap is $770 for approximately 375 square feet. For different sizes of the wraps, the cost varies and it depends on the different factors. Therefore, the vehicle wrap pricing calculator depends on several factors like design, color, price, requirement, and the design of the model that is to be wrapped.

Is it cheaper to get a car painted or wrapped?

Until now, the owner wanted to change or upgrade the look of their vehicle they only had one option to paint it. In recent times, the vinyl wrap has become one of the most affordable products. Though the wraps were invented in the 1950s they were very costly and therefore only the high-class people were able to use them. In recent times, the wraps have become very popular thus reducing the cost and it has become an alternative to paint.

Wraps have now become the most reasonable and preferred way of repainting to upgrading the look of a vehicle. The wrap can be a solid or a simple color schemed which may look like paint to the eye. The paint jobs require multiple costs and the old paint also needs to be removed which takes up a lot of time. Thus the owner needs to give the vehicle away for a long time as it requires a double coat. The cost of the paint and wrap differ on the quality of the paint and wrap and it and it takes up to 1 to 3 weeks.

The vinyl wrap can be removed easily without damaging the paint of the vehicle beneath and this means that whenever it is exposed then it will look as bright as the new vehicle. Removing the paint permanently sands off the appearance of the vehicle and a significant amount of money is required to remove it..

Is wrapping a car worth it?

Wrapping a car is a great way of enhancing the aesthetics of the vehicle and it can get damaged if the wear and tear of the wrap happens. One can easily swap the damaged wrap part with a new wrap and it does not require a lot of money or time. Wraps do not cause any damage to the paint and wrapping with quality products the protective layer can act as a shield for the underlying paintwork from the damages. Painting or wrapping the entire vehicle may lack quality and it depends on the material that is chosen. It also varies according to the quality and kind of material used as well as the size of the vehicle. Wrapping the vehicle or car is a more economical solution compared to painting it.

Whenever an owner asks “how much does it cost to wrap a car matte black?” it also depends on the kind of vehicle that is to be wrapped and on the quality of wrap chosen. The size of the wrap required also affects the cost of the wrap.


Whether the owner decides to appoint a professional or to do the wrapping by themselves, wrapping is a time-consuming process and they need to spend at least $2000 for the same. The DIY approach for wrapping the vehicle may be more cost-effective but requires more work and time.


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