My Car Makes Noise When Turning

My Car Makes Noise When Turning

Due to the problem with the steering, steering fluid, coil spring, wear and tear of the brakes, there can be multiple causes behind it.

It can be the problem with the power steering pumps & system, CV joints, sway bar link, ball joints, bushing, struts, shocks, tie rods. 

Sometimes you can experience noise when turning steering wheel at low speed. This means you need to go out for servicing.

A failure in the sway bar link will make you experience greater loud. A clunking noise while turning may indicate poor handling as well. 

Once these problems are sorted out, you can easily get your car driven at the best health conditions compared to the others in similar conditions. 

This content will speak volume about the fixes and causes behind the car making noise when turning on.  

The Car is making noise when turned right only

If you are worried about why the car makes noise when turning right but not left, then make sure you for a replacement of the damaged parts after professional investigation. 

It can be the proven reason behind the damage of the ball joints or bushing. The power steering can also get jammed up due to lack of greasing. 

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Why the car does make a strange noise when turned


My Car Makes Noise When Turning. Why?

Most of us are used to drive without the sound of the turning of the vehicle. That is the way it should be.

But, if you vehicle starts with a making sound, you should have a sign of a deeper issue that requires urgent investigation. 

The car makes whining noise when turning it on, what should you do. Here’s a list of the issues and their fixes in the same. 

1. Problem of bad coil spring/steering jack  

The problem of bad coil spring is a very common problem in this case. The steering jack can also be disturbed that makes the most noise.

Only an expert can take deeper investigate knowledge about the issue. The steering jack is the largest component in the vehicle. 

  • Broken steering jack
  • Burnt or Damaged coil bearing 
  • Ruined pinion and steering rack 


  • Mend the broken steering jack
  • Replace the coil bearing 
  • Change the pinion and steering rack if required 

2. Wearing out of the struts or shocks 

        If there is any kind of suspension, there will be need for suspension and shocks. 

  • Mounting can be loose
  • Coil springs are broken at the shocks
  • Suspension of the round corers at the wheel

FIX : 

  • Tighten the space between the Mounting 
  • Repair the broken springs of the Coils at the shocks
  • Lessen the Suspension of the corers at the wheel

3. Broken steering boot/ bearing column

  Hearing a squealing noise can be dangerous, go for an immediate maintenance 

  • Broken boot of the steering 
  • Bearing column is also associated with it
  • Excessive squealing noise 
  • Worn out and eroded piece of steering 

FIX : 

  • Spray some lubricant to quickly heal the coiling 
  • Bearing column should be mended 
  • Repair the excessive squealing of the noise
  • Change the sealing water 
  • Check for survival of the worn out and eroded parts of the steering 

4. Loose and damaged ends of the boots and tie rod 

The pinion or the rack connects to the tie rod. If taken complete care things will disappear and it will work properly after checkups.

  • Loose ends of the boots & tie rods
  • Lack of checkups & rods on time 
  • Tie rod may bounce back if not repaired on time 

FIX : 

  • Tighten up or replace the boots & rods
  • Regular checkups of the rods on time 
  • Tie rod replacement and repairing 

5. Broken Ball joints/ Sockets

 You can go for broken ball joints and sockets. They work by swiveling movements. If there       is any issue just go for an immediate checkup of your car.

  • Broken sockets of the ball joints 
  • Tie rods ends up to produce effective movements 
  • Ball joints when broken produces the most crackling noise when turned on 

FIX : 

Replacement of the parts will be a wise decision always. Remember if the balls wear out from the socket, it may end up causing a big accident apart from the noise that is coming from the vehicle. 

6. Wear & tear of the Worn Control Arm Bushings 

While there is no control of the part of the suspension system, make sure you go for a suspension system. 

  • Broken arm bushings creates much sounds and bang the moves around
  • If the problem gets bad enough, it will take more time to get reframed and work accordingly again. 
  • Vehicle shifts with the damage of the control arm bushings 

FIX : 

  • Broken arm bushings creates much sounds and bang the moves around
  • Replace the broken arm bushing with a new one
  • You can change the whole framework when things for better performance for many more years 

7. Old fluid in the Power Steering & pump 

The main cause that might give rise to early problems is the issue or damage with the power steering pump. The next time the question comes to your mind- Why does my car make a noise when I turn it on and try to move ahead? 

  • Not enough fluid in the power steering pump
  • Broken parts in the power steering pump 
  • A leak in the power steering pump 

FIX : 

If you close down the system, it might not get started and the mechanic will not be able to spot the real problem. While your steering is a power steering pump with no fluid, you must repair the leak in it. Before you add the fluid just check the leak and also the manufacturing date on the seal. 

8. Bad wheel bearing 

The wheel bearing is one of the crucial parts in the wheel bearing. If you get to hear a noise and get started to fall, the engine bay as you turn is a good chance, then make an idea that it is coming from the power steering pump or the wheel bearing.  

  • You will hear a whirring sound when there is problem with the wheel bearing 
  • Outer wheel can give you pressure when driven on higher speed 

FIX : 

Before you take the vehicle to the mechanic, check the health of the car yourself. Check under the seats and also throughout the cab might be shifting around while you drive. Only an experienced mechanic will be able to spot all the issues after screening your vehicle with full servicing. 

My Car Makes Noise When Turning. Why?

frequently asked questions

Q1. How Long Can I Drive With This Noise When Turning?

Ans1. It is best not to drive longer with the noise when turning but if you can drive to a closer distance to a car servicing garage it is best for you. 

Q2. Why car does make whining noise when turning?

Ans2. Cars make whining sound while turning if there is a problem with the power steering system. With the aging of the car also the whining sound is experienced. 

Q3. Why does the car make a clunking noise when turning left or right?

Ans3. It may be the reason of a lose tie rod or busted sway bar link that creates this noise. The sway bar is the main culprit. 

Q4. What is the Cause for grinding noise when turning steering wheel?

Ans4. Due to bad coil spring, struts, shocks and steering rack damages, there can be a grinding noise when tuning the steering wheel from right to left. It can also be the problem with the steering fluid! 

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