Owning a vehicle is awesome and adventurous, right? But did you know that just like us, vehicles experience tons of changes in their internal and external body?

Yes, you read it right!

By going on tons of adventures with your family and friends throughout the year, your vehicle gets old with time. Want to know one of the most common changes?

After a while, many car owners notice their car’s roof lining turning saggy. 

Have you recently witnessed it too, and want to fix headliner in car without removing the fabric?

Then, you might have clicked on this article to find a remedy.


Are you planning to give your car to an expert, but don’t know how much does it cost to repair car roof lining?

Well, depending on your car’s size, materials, and labor, the entire thing costs from $150 to $450.

But if you are looking for an easy fix, then DIY can solve your problem.

DIY might need your time and energy, but it is not a tough job. Plus, fixing it yourself will save your hard-earned money as well. 

So, to get rid of such an issue in minutes, you will need the right knowledge and must learn some solutions.

From knowing the reasons for car roof lining problems to how to fix sagging headliner, our article has got everything for you. 

We have also shared some DIY guidelines for those who want to resolve the car roof lining without removing the entire fabric.

Firstly, let’s check out the reasons why a car headliner repair is needed!


  • Extreme heat
  • Extreme humidity
  • Other harsh weather conditions
  • Poor maintenance of the vehicle
  • Old age
  • Detached or loose car lining
  • Extreme sagging
  • Glue is not sticky enough, loses its hold, or wears out

These were some pretty serious reasons, no?

So if you want to protect your car for a longer period, then get it fixed now. To solve your issue, you will have to first sort all the tools and materials.

List of Tools to Use To Fix A Headliner

Solving your car’s headliner issue is something that anybody can do by themself. If you are planning to fix your automobile headliner fabric issue yourself, you need to set everything aside and get all the important tools that are required for this task.

To get great results, you will have to gather appropriate tools, such as:

  • A glue gun
  • Strong Adhesive
  • Steam cleaner and paint roller
  • Special pins or clear-headed twisted pins (saggy stopper), or sequin pins
  • Staple pins and hair spray
  • Double-sided tape
  • Hand tools

Got what you needed?

Then, let’s get to the main point!


Here are the five best hacks you can use to fix your sagging headliner in your car quickly:

  1. Try Using the Old-fashioned Gluing To Straighten The Headliner

Glue is the first idea that will cross your mind if the fabric has sagged partially. 

But using ordinary glue won’t fix your problem so, get super glue of any reputed brand. If you are confused, you can buy 3m headliner adhesive to stick around sagged areas like edges and on the corner.

Many say that it is the best car headliner repair glue, which has long-lasting results. So you will have to evenly apply the adhesive to the fabric, distribute it evenly, and re-attach it evenly.

Before beginning the work, make sure to take out the headlining panel of your vehicle and remove the previous glue that was applied to the fabric.

Once the glue is applied evenly, use your hands to press the fabric to the roof and remove any creases.

If you want to do mess-free work, then a spray adhesive will be perfect to stick the lining evenly.

Wondering how? Keep Scrolling!


Well, it is really easy to apply!

All you must do is spray the glue on the foam and fabric and then stick it together. If the above fix does not work for you, you can use a couple of other methods mentioned below.

2. Pin It Up

Aside from glue, pinning the sagging headliner is yet another quick and easy method to fix the sagging headliner permanently. One great thing is that this effective method won’t require money or time.

You can grab a couple of normal pins, clear-headed twisted pins (saggy stopper), or sequin pins and push back the fabric to the foam backing board. If you don’t want to leave any holes on the board, then we suggest you use no-fuss clear-headed twisted pins.

This classic hack has worked for many people so, it will do the trick for you as well. However, do not put them in a disorganized or less appealing manner. Instead, you can show your visual creativity by arranging the pins in a unique pattern.

The most fantastic thing about the pins is they are a better option than the adhesive because the latter might damage the fragile fabric if you don’t handle it carefully.

3. Use The Steam Cleaner And Paint Roller Combo

Does your car roof sag again even after applying the glue? Then, try using the combo of a steam cleaner and paint roller.

These two inexpensive methods go hand in hand. The steam cleaner will liquefy the glue, and help the fabric to reattach to the frame and the paint roller will help you to set up a wrinkle and crease-free fabric on the frame.

In various cases, the headliner begins to fall because the glue wears out over the period.

This trick will work best for those whose fabric’s edges are saggy. So try this method and end the glue’s impotence.

However, if the glue is too old, then this fix might not work. Also, make sure not to overdo the steaming, as you may burn or shrink the headlining.

Using proper technique will revive the original glue’s effectiveness and power, so melt it correctly.

And guess what?

You won’t need any help from an expert while doing this task.

4. Use a Double-sided Tape

Are your headlines coming loose?

Want a temporary solution for the severe damages on the sides and edges?

Then, try this fix!

The staple gun method is one of the most used DIY headliner replacement techniques by DIYers.

You can get these taps from your nearest auto shop, but before buying, make sure this hack is suitable for your vehicle.

The strong adhesive will stick the lining to the roof’s frame and keep you satisfied for months.

Make sure to put little pressure so that the tape sticks to both ends firmly.

However, we do not suggest this fix if you don’t know how to use it because just one wrong move could make your problem worse.

Or else, save your time and energy and try the next method.

5. Using Staples and Hair Spray

We know that you find it odd to use this method, but trust us, this method has worked for many people.

Firstly, you will have to use a strong stapler gun to staple the headlining back to where it was. Once that is done, get your hairspray and spray it directly in the headlining.

Remove the staples once the hair spray is completely dried.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but semi-permanent way to fix the headliner, then this is it!

So these were some of the DIY headliner replacement techniques that you can use and fix your problem. All these techniques are pretty easy, cheap, and effective to get your headliner back to its original position.


In conclusion, all we want to say is that protecting your car roof lining is very important. So give attention and care to it just like you take care of its wheels and body. All it takes a little bit of love and effort, right? It will not only regulate internal temperature but also cut outside noise and enhance the vehicle’s interior design.

We also would like to suggest you protect your vehicle as much as possible. And if the fabric sags again, then fix it back! If you found this article helpful, then do not forget to share it with your pals who are struggling with the same problem.

Good luck with your DIY task!


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