What Size Generator Do I Need for Mobile Detailing?

What Size Generator Do I Need for Mobile Detailing?

Mobile detailing services have become popular in the recent past as more people seek to save time in exchange for some extra cash. A good generator for mobile detailing is essential for efficient service delivery in this business. Size, among others, is a critical factor to consider when buying one for your business.

So, what size generator do you need for mobile detailing? A 3000w – 3500w portable inverter generator is ideal for most mobile detailers. This generator is efficient and provides sufficient power for all essential appliances you need for detailing.

When it comes to mobile detailing, generators come in handy. The right choice of a generator goes a long way in making your work easy and enjoyable. This article answers this question and gives you more details concerning generators for mobile detailing.

What Size Generator Do I Need for Mobile Detailing?

When buying a generator for your mobile detailing services, ensure you pick a small and lightweight generator; this makes it easy to move around with it. Since your work involves moving to different clients’ locations, you need a generator that easily fits in your van or truck and saves you space for other equipment.

A small and compact generator is ideal; however, as you look at its physical size, it’s equally important to consider its size in terms of Power. For most average mobile detailing jobs, a generator between 3000w and 3500w gets the job done. This is enough power for essential detailing equipment.

Things To Know Before Buying a Generator for Mobile Detailing

If you are a mobile detailer, most probably you’ve been in a situation where you needed to power your equipment but couldn’t use an outlet in your client’s home or office. This is where power generators come in handy. Before you invest your money in a mobile detailing generator, here are a few things you need to know:

  • Watts (W) – It refers to the unit of measurement for Power. Every electrical appliance has a power rating it requires to function correctly.
  • Amps (A) refers to the unit of measurement for electric current.
  • Continuous Power – This refers to the number of watts a generator can produce at all times. Choosing a generator with higher continuous Power than your appliances is recommended.
  • Volts (V) – This is the charge difference of two points. Different regions have different voltage ratings. For example, US electrical appliances use 110v – 120v, while Europe and most parts of the world use 220v – 230v.
  • Peak Power – This is the highest number of watts a generator can produce in a short period. It’s usually a little higher than continuous Power. 

Most appliances have these numbers engraved on them or written on the manufacturer’s description sticker. It is vital to know so that you don’t overload your generator or short circuit or damage your appliances.

Types of Generators for Mobile Detailing

While there are several generators for mobile detailing available in the market that suit different needs, these generators can be classified into two main categories. These are:

1.     Conventional Generators

Conventional generators often provide more Power. These generators are cheaper compared to their inverter counterparts. They are usually bigger, produce a loud noise and consume more fuel.

2.     Inverter Generators

Inverter generators do not work at peak power all the time; instead, they provide sufficient Power to Power the connected appliance. This makes them very efficient. Inverter generators consume less fuel, are much quieter, and are often the best for mobile detailing compared to conventional generators.

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Generator for Mobile Detailing

Before buying a generator for your mobile detailing project, there are a few things to consider.

It’s not only size that matters; there are a number of features that, when carefully considered, make up a perfect generator for mobile detailing. Below are some:

  • Efficiency – Efficiency is measured by how long a generator runs on a single gas tank. Remember, high power does not mean it’s the best generator. The longer your generator runs without the need to refuel means it’s efficient. This is also convenient if you work in rural areas.
  • Noise Level – High noise levels can be irritating and disruptive. Traditional generators are often very loud, producing 60 – 80 decibels of noise. Go for a quieter generator. Inverter generators are usually more efficient and run with less noise.
  • Conventional or Inverter – As mentioned earlier, this is the primary classification of generators for mobile detailing. Each has strengths and drawbacks; pick one that suits your needs. Conventional generators are bulky, produce a loud noise, and are suitable for big loads. On the other hand, inverter generators are more portable, power-efficient, and have less noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few of your frequently asked questions:

●      What size generator is capable of running a jet wash?

A regular 1800 PSI jet wash with a 1.5 HP motor will need about 1200w and up to 3000w peak power. Therefore, you’ll need at least a 3000w generator to handle the peak power of your jet wash machine. It is recommended to pick a generator with a higher power rating than your appliances since you may need to plug in and run several of them simultaneously.

●      Should I buy a gasoline or diesel generator?

Most power generators use gasoline. If you are a mobile detailer, you should buy a gasoline generator. Diesel generators produce extremely loud noise; furthermore, you rarely encounter an inverter generator that runs on diesel fuel.

●      What are the advantages of having a generator as a mobile detailer?

Having a power generator as a mobile detailer means you’ll be able to freely use all your equipment and electrical appliances regardless of electricity availability. With your generator, you do not have to worry about the safety of your devices; due to power wattage or voltage.


Having the right size generator for mobile detailing is essential; we hope that after reading this article, you can decide on the best generator that suits your detailing needs. Always go for a high-quality and reliable product; a compact and small size with more Power is advantageous.

We recommend a 3000w inverter generator for most mobile detailing equipment since it will perform well under 50% of its capacity. If you’re starting on a low budget, you can opt for a conventional lightweight generator; that would be cheaper. Otherwise, a more portable and powerful inverter generator would be perfect.

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