Tire Pressure Sensor Fault: Causes, Symptoms, And Fixes

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault: Causes, Symptoms, And Fixes

Tires are an important part of the car that ensures smooth driving. You need to know the right pressure for tire inflation. Unless you have that, you may see a warning light on your dashboard. When a tire pressure sensor malfunctions, how does it appear?

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault might seem something extraordinary. Still, you have probably been there already while driving, and all of a sudden, your cluster has displayed a “tire pressure sensor fault” warning light or maybe a message. But, you must not know how to fix it and, get blank after the message popped up, it’s quite reasonable.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

The most important thing is, you do not need to be a mechanic to fix the pressure sensor, and you should not worry about the cost too. People who drive regularly must have seen this message on their screen a lot of times because it is quite reasonable. But of course, you need to know about this; otherwise, it will seem difficult to fix.

What Does Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Mean?

If the message tire pressure fault popped up on the screen, you must understand that there is something wrong with or an error code in your TPMS. TPMS, aka tire pressure monitoring system. The message generally occurs because of low air pressure or a defective tire pressor sensor. The sign looks like an exclamation point that too inside of a U-shaped symbol.

If you notice this symbol, you should immediately stop the car and check your tire. Well, you must be thinking, how could you check the tire all by yourself? Quite obvious. But you should at least stop because driving a low-tire car can lead to further damage. Generally, a failed sensor requires the driver to be more attentive than ever before because it is not reading the actual pressure anymore.

The tire sensor fault can even happen for the faulty TPMS control unit as well, as the faulty wirings need to be reset, and that is why the message is occurring on the screen. However, there are a few ways, including resetting the whole TPMS system, but you need to learn a bit before you kick start

Ford Escape Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

The ford escape interior has been designed in a different way than other ones, and you can even choose your technology so, it gets easier. Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford in Fusion is not at all extraordinary, and if you have been in this situation before with any other car, then even you can fix this in the ford escape. But one thing you need to understand, while you are driving one of the best cars, you will have to bear more expenses.

It would be better to check the tire pressure beforehand using a gauge, and you can do it at least once a month. If you do not keep checking the tire pressure, then it will lead to tire failure, as well as the loss of control, which you do not want at all. Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Ford Escape will even cost more than you can even imagine, so even the company suggests you check the tire and go for essential maintenance so that your car can be safe.

How To Fix Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?

Once you get started with the whole repair process, you need to make sure that all the tires positively have the correct air pressure. You will find a label behind the driver’s door that will show the right tire pressure for your car. Eventually, you will find the same information in the repair manual as well.

You need to check the tires with a gauge to find out if they have the right level of pressure or low air pressure. If you see any sort of overinflation, you should immediately release some air and make it up to the correct scale.

Even if you see that there is low air pressure, then you should pump some air to make it up to the proper level. However, this process does not require any mechanic or anything, so before you start panicking, you should check the current air pressure of the car.

How To Fix TPMS Sensor?

The TPMS meaning is Tire Pressure Monitoring System. TPMS is fragile as well as expensive to repair, so you need to make your own way and fix it by yourself. When you will do it for the first time, you might feel this is a bit difficult, but if you are following the ways that are listed below, it will never be as difficult as you thought.

Step 1- You need to buy a stem and the exact stem that your car has right now.

Step 2- Then, you need to remove the nuts from the stem. Once there is no nut left, you need to keep the TPM sensor in the left hand while pushing the stem down with your right hand. For doing this, you will need no extra tools.

Step 3- After that, you need to take a new stem and push it upright in place of the old one.

Step 4- Now, put all nuts which came along with the replacement stem kit, or you can even use the old nuts as well.

Step 5- Once you are done, you need to set up the TMPS sensor back to the tire now. You do not even need to reprogram the engine computer, and you will be done!

Well, this is the whole process you need to follow in order to fix the TMPS sensor. Trust me, you just need to learn a bit about these things, and you will need no one even to help you, and you already know these things are expensive, and nobody wants to make their pocket empty.
Once you are done with the whole process all by yourself, you will literally end up saving $226- $250. Is it not too much?

TPMS Not Reading One Tire

Generally, ford has come up with two relearns, and if you notice that TPMS is not working particularly on one tire, then you should take the car to the ford showroom. They will probably put the car in TPMS relearn mode, and they will relearn the sensor in each tire one by one. This will take hardly 5 minutes, and if they become successful, then you are good to go!

But what if they couldn’t be successful? Well, if this doesn’t work, then there is a high chance that the sensor in that particular tire is faulty, and it needs to be replaced, and they even need to remove the tire from the wheel. If you are a ford owner, then you won’t be able to do it at home because they use their own technology, but for any other car, it might be reset at home.

How To Tell Which Tire Sensor Is Bad?

If you want to recognize the wrong or faulty tire sensor, then it will be challenging because of so many reasons. To be honest, in most cars, there are four identical sensors, and you will not be able to know which one is faulty.

Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Check

Just like that, some of the cars have four sensors along with four separate IDs, but you must understand that tires with the wheel are interchangeable, they positively have to be resynchronized once the tire has changed. The wheel rotated, with the location.

Hence, a fault can literally take many forms, such as inadequate data being high on the list or no transmission, but you will not be able to identify the problem that easily. If you really want to know, then you might have to take it to the dealer as only they will be able to tell you about the faulty tire sensor after inspection.

How To Tell Which TPMS Sensor Is Bad?

Just like the tire sensor, it is also hard to identify the faulty TPMS sensor. Although some the cars like ford, have sensors that help to determine the faulty or wrong TPMS sensor and they also identify which tire is low. They have their own technology to show you the exact pressure on each tire and make you prepare beforehand.

That is a big reason why they ask people to go for regular maintenance and check the tire pressure and be prepared before it’s too late to handle.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor?

The cost is, of course, on the higher side, and that is why we keep telling you to learn a bit and do it yourself. The service kit comes around $5- $10 per wheel, but if you are a ford owner, then you will need extra as this will be really expensive. If the pressure sensor needs to be replaced and there is nothing else to do, then the cost range starts from $50- $250 each, and for ford, it will cost nearly around $250 or more.

However, you surely do not want to run out of money so that precaution will be anytime better than cure!

Ford Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Reset

Faulty Tire Pressure Sensor? It has actually become a common problem for car owners, and if you have recently bought one, then you should welcome the new guest. For resting the tire pressure sensor in ford, you first need to look into the car’s manual, and you will see the whole process of resetting it. Let’s check out the below.

  • First of all, you need to understand the numberings of your tires. The first tire is the left front one, which is on the driver’s side. The 2nd tire is the front tire of the other side. The 3rd tire is the one behind the passenger side, and again the 4th one is behind the driver’s side.
  • You need to start from number one and follow the order properly; otherwise, the computer will not know which tire is your number 1 tire. You need to use a gauge to check each of the tires and make sure all of them are of the same air pressure. Generally, 35 psi is no doubt, considered the standard psi for ford.
  • You will spot a knob in your car, which is for the lights, and you will have to turn it three times while hitting the reset button. You already have the manual in your hand. So follow the instructions written there and when the reset will be done. Your tire warning light will stop popping up every time you start the car engine.
Tire Pressure Sensor Fault

Here, you will be done with the reset process in ford. You can also ask for your friend’s help if needed.

What Does The Tire Pressure Sensor Fault And How To Fix It? Discussion
What Does Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Mean?If there’s any sort of low or high pressure on the tire, then you will see a pop-up message.
Ford Escape Tire Pressure Sensor FaultIf you are a ford owner, the pop-up message might vary.
How To Fix Tire Pressure Sensor Fault?We have dissed the way of fixing this article.
How To Fix TPMS Sensor?We have elaborated the way step by step here in this article.
TPMS Not Reading One TireThis situation is a bit difficult to solve by yourself.
How To Tell Which Tire Sensor Is Bad?Ford, they have made it easier to detect.
How To Tell Which TPMS Sensor Is Bad?You can not easily identify the faulty sensor.
How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tire Pressure Sensor?It costs around $250 for ford cars.
Ford Tire Pressure Sensor Fault Reset We have discussed the ways in this article.


Hence, whenever the faulty message pops up on the screen, you will have to check the tire pressure as well as reset the TMPS before doing anything else. If your ties are not at all cold, then you should fill a bit extra pressure than the label says.

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