The Key Won’t Turn In The Ignition, And The Steering Wheel Is Not Locked.

The Key Won’t Turn In The Ignition, And The Steering Wheel Is Not Locked.

The worst-case scenario consistently appears to occur at the wrong time. You walk out to your car and try to turn the ignition with your Key, but nothing happens. What ought you do now?

Wafers are used in ignition cylinders; over time, these wafers will bend, crack, and break. Like most people, you probably ignored the warning signs that were usually present until it was too late.

If you’ve found this article, you’ve already saved time and money, and your Key won’t turn. Bring your vehicle to a locksmith. Before it’s too late, they can fix the ignition in the car.

How to Get a Car Key to Turn in Your Ignition

How to Get a Car Key to Turn in Your Ignition

The steering wheel might not be locked if your car key won’t turn in the ignition. There are numerous solutions for this frequent issue.

This blog post will review three techniques for unlocking the steering wheel and starting your car.

First Approach: Use a steering wheel lock as the initial strategy. You can buy this device at the majority of auto parts retailers. The steering wheel cannot turn because it is shaped to fit over it.

Put the steering wheel lock on the wheel and turn it until it locks into place to use this technique. After that, try turning the ignition. Continue to the following technique if it still won’t turn.

Second Approach: The second approach makes use of a screwdriver. Even though it is more of a band-aid solution, this will still work. Use a flathead screwdriver to access the steering wheel’s top.

After that, turn the screwdriver to unlock the steering wheel. You ought to be able to start your car by inserting the Key into the ignition once it has been unlocked.

Third Approach: The third technique is to use a coat hanger. Although this approach is a little unusual, it can be helpful in a pinch. Take a coat hanger and make it as straight as you can.

Next, place the coat hanger inside the steering wheel’s keyhole. Unlock the steering wheel by turning it. You ought to be able to start your car by inserting the Key into the ignition once it has been unlocked.

Causes and solutions for car key ignition problems

Causes and solutions for car key ignition problems

Your car key not turning in the ignition is most frequently caused by parts linked to the ignition mechanism.

Thankfully, they are also the simplest to find and fix.

1. User Or Driver Error

Be sure the steering wheel is not locked.

Turning the steering wheel after removing the Key is impossible in some vehicles. Your steering wheel becomes locked and stuck as a result.

While inserting the Key into the ignition, try to turn the steering wheel from left to right. To turn the Key, the pressure on the lock will be released.

Incorrect Gear Shift Position

Some automobile models have a feature that prevents the vehicle from starting if the shifting gear is not in park or neutral.

Check your equipment to see if it is in the park or neutral. Only those who drive automatic cars and trucks will be affected by this problem.

2. Car Key Conflict

Car Keys are Old and Tired

The pins in the cylinder cannot properly meld and start the car if your car key is worn out. Use your backup Key to see if the other worn-out Key is causing the problem.

Get in touch with your car dealer and ask for a replacement car key with the correct code if you’ve lost your spare Key.

crooked car keys

While a bent car key may still insert and reach the ignition cylinder, it cannot start the ignition with precision. If the Key is bent, check it and gently hammer it flat. Use one that wouldn’t cause the Key to break, as hammering risks causing more harm.

Unclean or Spotted Keys

Your Key won’t work correctly and won’t line up properly inside the ignition cylinder if it is dirty. If there are any traces of dirt or dust on your car key, clean it with rubbing alcohol. Sprinkle a little WD-40 into the ignition.

The required lubrication is frequently enough to allow the Key to come out even when it is gently twitched.

3. Problems With Car Key Ignition Components

The ignition lock cylinder’s problem

Use compressed air to clear out any obstructions if anything is obstructing the ignition cylinder.

You could try pressing a lubricant with a silicon base inside the ignition cylinder. The lubricant can eliminate any gravel or residue that sticks to the ignition or makes it difficult to turn the Key.

If it doesn’t fix the issue, it’s possible that the cylinder itself has been harmed and will be challenging to fix.

If the entire ignition cylinder needs to be replaced, you’ll need to speak with a qualified auto locksmith.

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Internally Stuck Springs in the Cylinder

Internally Stuck Springs in the Cylinder

It will be challenging to change the Key if there are issues with the locks or springs. If this happens, gently tap the key ignition with a small stick tool to release any pins or springs that may have become stuck.

Remember not to strike too forcefully. Any stuck springs or pins should be released by the sound of the tap rather than the weight. After that, try turning the switch and inserting the Key.

What to do when the Key doesn’t turn in the ignition

What to do when the Key doesn't turn in the ignition

Try these fixes if your car keys won’t turn in the keyhole.

1. Put your car in neutral; this issue typically affects automatic transmission vehicles. The EPS system can only start the vehicle if it is in the P or N slot.

Avoid pulling or pushing the shifter firmly or jerking it abruptly. Consider moving it slowly into the designated spot.

Additionally, engage the hand brake or apply the brake before attempting to turn the Key.

2. Inspect your Key to see if it has been chipped, bent, or otherwise damaged; even minor damage to the Key will prevent you from starting the car.

3. Use a torch to see if any particles are lodged inside the keyhole. Never blow air into any dust, sand, mud, or another particle because this will cause the moisture in your breath to stick to the particle and worsen the situation.

If you have nothing nearby and are stranded in a remote location, use a vacuum cleaner, try sucking air inside the hole with the aid of a straw, or completely covering it with your mouth.

4. This is the most frequent cause of an obstruction in the ignition keyhole. It locks itself when you turn the steering wheel and remove your keys.

If you try to turn the steering by placing the keys in the starter hole, it becomes completely jammed. Be careful when turning the Key; doing so risks damaging the ignition hole or the Key.

Begin slowly turning the Key while also ratcheting the steering wheel. You’ll see that you can turn the Key as soon as the steering wheel releases itself.

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How to remove the ignition cylinder when the Key doesn’t turn

How to remove the ignition cylinder when the Key doesn't turn

An essential part of your car is the ignition lock cylinder. Despite how crucial it is, most car owners don’t give it enough thought. They neglect it until it eventually breaks down when you cannot use it properly or start your car.

You might then need to replace it.

Removing it is a relatively easy task if you have the Key. The procedure necessitates some additional steps without it.

Step 1: Disconnect the battery.

Step 2: Remove the steering wheel

Step 3: Disconnect the indicator switches and wipers

Step 4: Remove the steering column sleeve

Step 5: Disconnecting the electrics from the ignition switch

Step 6 : Remove the Mounting Bolts

Step 7: Inspect the Mounting Bolts for the Ignition Switch Housing

Step 8: Locking the key cylinder

Step 9 : Using a Screwdriver

Step 10 : Replace the Ignition Lock Cylinder


You might try moving the steering up or down into a different position based on my prior experiences with this problem.

Most of the time, the car will start. If that doesn’t work, you might try turning the key and steering wheel simultaneously.

frequently asked questions

1. Will a car start if the steering wheel is not locked?

No, there is no connection between steering lock pin engagement and the car’s charging system. The car’s battery will only discharge if the ignition switch is not entirely in the “off” position.

2. What can cause the Key not to turn in the ignition?

A locked steering wheel is the most frequent cause of a car key not turning. This will occur if the steering wheel is turned after the ignition cylinder has been unlocked. Right and left turn on the steering wheel.

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