Step By Step Guide On How To Trick An O2 Sensor

Step By Step Guide On How To Trick An O2 Sensor

A few reasons may lead you to bypass your O2 sensor. It might be that you want to improve your fuel economy, or maybe you just want a little more power. A wide-band oxygen sensor will improve the performance of your vehicle if you want to bypass an O2 sensor. In general, bypassing the oxygen sensor is not recommended for passing an emissions test or avoiding a check engine light.

It’s possible that an illuminated check engine light indicates a bypassed oxygen sensor if you’re unsure whether to proceed. It is recommended to consult an experienced mechanic or automobile expert before bypassing your car’s oxygen sensor.

How To Bypass An O2 Sensor Heater Circuit Using Resistor(Check engine light should be fixed) 

Below we have listed step by step process on how to bypass an O2 sensor on chevy:

1. Before you begin the first step on the catalytic converter O2 sensor bypass, make sure your car is cooled down completely. Here, you will be working on the exhaust systems and the engine. So it is better to wait for three to four hours before you begin the process.

2. Check The Temperature, of your car engine, and if you are satisfied with it, now is the time to disable the cable that runs the negative battery terminal. Reach the cable clamp, lose the nut around it, and slowly slide it off.

3. Now, use o2 sensor removal stands to raise the oxygen sensor part of the vehicle. For that, you will have to place the jack at the front jack point. The correct way to do it is by placing it at the rear of the radiator.

4. You will now need to place the resistor between the two wires of the heater circuit in accordance with the oxygen sensor’s resistance value. Check the heater circuit with a multimeter to determine oxygen sensor resistance. It is common for oxygen sensors’ heater circuits to have resistances of five, six, or seven ohms.

5. Slowly, remove the electrical wire that’s fixed within the sensor. Squeeze and pull it out carefully from the housing of the oxygen/o2 sensor.

6. Now, search for the oxygen/o2 sensors. They appear like plugs that stick out of the engine’s exhaust system. You can locate them at the rear and the front of the catalytic converter.

7. As a result, drive the car at a slower speed so the electronic control module can obtain the oxygen sensor data and the check engine light will be hidden.

Importance Of Bypassing the O2 Sensor: Why Should You Do It Immediately?

Before going to the main part of this guide, we will briefly cover why one needs to bypass the Oxygen sensor. So here are some main reasons:

Importance Of Bypassing the O2 Sensor: Why Should You Do It Immediately?
Importance Of Bypassing the O2 Sensor: Why Should You Do It Immediately?

The first reason for bypassing the O2 sensor is to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly if the check engine light is not constantly on and you don’t have a catalytic converter.

Your car may not have the catalytic converter for many reasons such as, it might have been removed for more horsepower, got a hole in it, or might have fallen off. But without it, your vehicle will have to check the engine light if you still have a running Oxygen sensor.

A faulty O2 sensor can lead to many other problems, so bypassing is the better way to tune in your engine.

If you are less skilled in engines, or you love off-road racing, then bypassing is essential and an effective option.

Bypassing the O2 sensor helps engines revoke casual system errors.

So these were the reasons why you should bypass the oxygen sensor. Next, we will have a look at the symptoms of a bad Oxygen sensor.

Signs Of a Faulty O2 Sensor

After reading the reasons and signs of a faulty O2 sensor, it is time to learn how to bypass it.

  • Failure in the emissions test.
  • Check engine light constantly on.
  • Deduction in fuel mileage.
  • The faulty O2 sensor is shown by the code checker.
  • Stalling, rough idling, as well as degrading performance.

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O2 Sensor Delete: A Complete Guide To Disable It

O2 sensors, also known as Oxygen sensors, are fuel and air measurers while burning your engine. They make sure to maintain the proper pollution levels.

O2 Sensor Resistor Bypass: How to Do It on Chevrolet and Other Car Models?
O2 Sensor Resistor Bypass: How to Do It on Chevrolet and Other Car Models?

So do you want to increase the horsepower of your car? Or do you like to tinker with your big toy, like nitrous, even headers, or a larger throttle body?

Well, then the Oxygen sensor will display the ECU, the engine is producing a lot of pollution, and the light of Check Engine will illuminate.

Sometimes, it will cause the ECU to calibrate and ruin all your efforts to add horsepower to your vehicle. 

So do you want to avoid this? Then you need to delete the O2 sensor!

Here is how to do it!

  1. The very first step in the O2 sensor eliminator guide is to find the O2 sensors in your car. As we all know, every car contains at least two O2 sensors, and some even have four.
  • So, it is better to check the down tube, which extends out of the manifolds and both parts of the exhaust manifolds.
  • You will most probably locate one sensor in the down tube and each manifold. But if you are Facing issues in locating O2 sensor spacer Autozone in the engine?

Well, the sensor looks like a white spark plug. Furthermore, it has a green wire extending out on the top of it.

How to make a dummy 02 sensor
How to make a dummy 02 sensor

Did you find it? Then, let’s head to the next step.

  • Keep following the green wire of the sensor and find the wiring harness that is connected to it.
  • In the fifth step, unplug the O2 sensor from the wiring harness.
  • Lastly, tie the green wire into a loop, and your task is complete.

Was that too complicated? No, right? Now, let’s move on to the last section of this read.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions related to O2 sensors by car owners:

1.Can I drive without a downstream O2 sensor?

Yes, you can drive without an O2 season. You might see an error light, but it won’t harm your vehicle in any way.

2.Can O2 sensor cause a misfire?

If the mass airflow sensor or O2 sensor is failing, then it might give incorrect data to the computer of your car’s engine. Thus, it will misfire when the vacuum line gets broken.

3.Will a bad O2 sensor cause sputtering?

A polluted, dirty, or failing O2 sensor will put too little or too much fuel in your car engine, which will further lead to malfunction.

And once there is a leak in the system, you will experience a rough engine or sputtering. To avoid this situation, you need to check the Oxygen sensors daily. Get it replaced to stop sputtering.

4.Does a bad o2 sensor make noise?

Yes, a rough or a bad O2 makes weird sounds. So if your car has a faulty Oxygen sensor, it could sound rough or run irregularly when it idles.

A bad O2 sensor can impact your car engine’s combustion intervals, timings, and other important functions. You may also notice slow acceleration or stalling.

Our Last Words on How to Trick Rear O2 Sensor

We hope you liked our guide on how to trick rear o2 sensor and bypass it by following our quick and easy steps. Isn’t it a cool thing? The main thing about this procedure is to fool your vehicle’s computer to believe that the catalytic converter is still there.

To do that, you need to find the right dummy or simulator O2 sensor, which suits your car. And if you do find one, then replace it with the original Oxygen Sensor and let the magic unfold.

Suppose you can’t find the right one to bypass, then you can solder a resistor to the current sensor. Doing so will send a reading to the vehicle’s computer like your sensor is working fine.

Revisit us daily for more user-friendly tech guides.

Good luck!

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