How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor with Alcohol

How to Clean Mass Air Flow Sensor with Alcohol

“This place was clean yesterday. We are sorry you missed it.”

Only an automobile lover can tell you about small details on keeping a car’s system neat and clean.

How to do it. what are its benefits. What should be the time gap of cleaning various equipment that are fixed inside your vehicle.

But does that mean only these automobile lovers should do that? Isn’t it something that should be practiced by everyone in order to keep their vehicles in good condition?

Not to forget, cleaning is an essential part of your car as well that too for various reasons.

And so, we decided to update our not so aware readers on how to clean mass air flow sensor with alcohol.

To find out all the necessary details, just come along with us and take a part in the below discussion.

The Art of Cleaning

“Happiness is a clean and organised garage.”

And a clean and organised garage includes cleaning various other equipment including mass air flow sensor.

But we know our readers too well. we know how you are wondering is if its even possible to clean mass air flow sensor?

Then this is what you need to know:

  • Can you clean a mass air flow sensor?

The MAF sensor works by heating a delicate platinum wire/plate and measuring the current required to keep it at a constant temperature while air blows past it.

After every single use, dust and oil particles stick to that hot wire/plate and make a layer on it and after sometime those particles start to insulate the wire/plate from the airstream that causes issues in the vehicle’s functioning.

But if you clean your car’s MAF sensor regularly, you can avoid the $300 repair charges and keep your engine running at top efficiency.

When to clean mass air flow sensor?

We highly recommend that you clean the MAF sensor in every six months or after every time you change/clean your air filter.

Here are some points that will help you understand clearly why cleaning the MAF sensor is a great option.

Benefits of cleaning mass air flow sensor

  1. Cleaning keeps your MAF sensors damage free.
  2. Keeps your filter’s plastic safe & residue-free
  3. Improves air/fuel ratio.
  4. Increases milage km/litre
  5. Increases horsepower
  6. Reduces rough idle
  7. Decreases hesitation & pinging

We know cleaning MAF sensor is good. So now, let’s find out how to do the cleaning and what are its alternatives?

Analysing the Alternatives

“For every failure, there is an alternative course of action.”

Let’s understand how can you clean the MAF sensor and save yourself from spending thousands of dollars on it and also what is the alternative option of cleaning them.

  1. Turn the engine off and let it cool.
  2. Find the mass air flow sensor and take your owner’s manual’s help if required.
  3. With the sensor unplugged, loosen the clamps that are holding it in place.
  4. Clean the sensor using a cloth.
  5. Apply the cleaner that you are using around and inside the MAF sensor.
  6. Don’t forget to clean the sides of the part, its housing, its connectors, and its terminals. Make sure the cleaner doesn’t get onto the hot wires or plate.
  7. Allow the sensor to dry and after that re-install it back into place.
  8. Once you’ve re-installed the sensor, wait a few minutes before starting the vehicle to ensure the cleaning chemicals have evaporated properly.

After getting to know the cleaning process, here is the mass air flow sensor cleaner alternative that is cleaning MAF sensor with alcohol if it’s moderately dirty.

Take a plastic disposable bad and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Put the sensor inside the bag and shake it thoroughly for about two or three minutes. Now keep the bad aside and let the sensor soak in the alcohol for twenty minutes so that all corners are properly cleansed. Now take it out from the bad and lay it on a towel to clean. Now leave it for an hour to dry properly until all the alcohol is evaporated completely.

Also, do you know of you can u clean maf sensor with electrical cleaner or not?

The answer is yes. but here you have to keep in mind that the cleanser should be of right type. In-case you have used the wrong electric cleaner for your sensor, you might end up damaging a few wires of your MAF sensor that will cause you further repairment efforts and charges.

So, in order to prevent damages and save money, always make sure the equipment you are using is safe for the purpose or not.

After grabbing all the required knowledge, now go and do the needful cleaning of your MAF sensor.


It is not a huge task to clean a MAF sensor. If you know the right technique and right equipment followed by the proper steps, it will hardly take any time to make your MSF sensor brand new that will save you from spending huge amount of money in the future.

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