Guidelines To Find Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

Guidelines To Find Free Catalytic Converter Scrap Value By Serial Number

When we talk about scrap car parts, the catalytic converters are specially considered and proven to be both useful and valuable, due to the precious metals such as platinum, rhodium, and palladium, that they contain. 

Keeping their worth in consideration, you may want to receive an accurate price that matches its value when selling your catalytic converter to someone. But, this can be a bit challenging, because the value of the scrap may vary notably.

In this specific article, we will let you know how you can find the free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number, along with which catalytic converter can bring you the highest scrap price. 

The serial number of your catalytic converter can be utilized for finding its scrap value before you start looking for buyers. Once you get to know the serial number, encoding it in a database will allow you to find its scrap value. 

In case you haven’t seen any serial number on your catalytic converter, just take a picture. There are various mobile apps and web-based apps available for helping you with this.

Apart from the process of finding free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number, learn more about your catalytic converter by continuing to read this article. 

When Were Catalytic Converters Invented?

The history of catalytic converters dates to the end of the nineteenth century. At that time, some prototypes of catalytic converters were created and developed in France. 

A french mechanical engineer named Eugene Houdry got a patent for his research for developing catalytic converters to use in gas engines, in the mid-1950s.

Further developments in the catalytic converters took place after the emissions control regulations came into action in the early 1960s. 

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The very first production catalytic converter was produced in 1973 at Engelhard Corporation. The utilization of catalytic converters became popular around 1975.

Where Can I Get A Complete Scrap Catalytic Converter Database?

There are multiple databases online which can be utilized to get an idea about the worth of the catalytic converters. The big scrap yards and recycling facilities acquire complete lists of converters along the scrap prices on their websites.

For instance, YS Catalytic Recycling, Eco trade Group, and RR Cats are some companies that provide a complete scrap catalytic converter database on their websites.

The smaller websites can get you quotes on the basis of the image of your converter.

You can use web-based. Just encode the serial number or a simple description of your catalytic converter for acquiring the information you require. 

Moreover, you can also download the mobile app named Eco Cat, which is an Eco trade converter pricing application. Although this application needs a monthly subscription to use, it can be used for free if you search only once per day.

You can encode the serial number of your catalytic converter, or upload a photo of it. This app will provide you with a quotation in the currency of your country.

Which Catalytic Converters Bring The Highest Scrap Price?

free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number

As you might expect, the most expensive catalytic converters are those that come from or are produced by the top manufacturing companies which develop and sell high-end vehicles. 

We have created a list of the most expensive catalytic converters, depending on the prices in 2021, from high to low – 

  • Ferrari F430: $4500
  • Dodge Ram 2500: $4100
  • Lamborghini Aventador: $3700
  • Ford F250: $3300
  • Ford Mustang: $1800

Needless to say that the scrap value of these catalytic converters will be remarkably lower, however, you can still expect to get a profitable value out of these. To illustrate, you may score a good deal by selling a Ferrari F430 catalytic converter for around $3000. 

Kindly note that both Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F430 happen to acquire two catalytic converters.

Thus, Lamborghini Aventador acquires the third costliest catalytic converter, and in fact, it belongs to the second rank if we consider the value of the complete catalytic converter.

Some other vehicles that acquire the costliest catalytic converters include Toyota Prius, Mercedes Benz S63, AMG Coupe 63, etc.

How Do Catalytic Converters Work?

The catalytic converter in your car utilizes a chamber called a catalyst for changing the damaging and adverse compounds generated from the emissions of the engine into safe or less harmful gases, such as steam.

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The main job of the catalytic converter is to divide the unsafe or harmful particles and molecules contained in the gases that your vehicle produces before setting it free into the atmosphere.

 The main action takes place in the converter cylinder. Inside the cylinder, a honeycomb-like structure can be seen. This structure allows the catalytic converter to filter the gases in your car.

How Do Prevent The Theft Of Catalytic Converters?

free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number

Keeping the high scrap value of the catalytic converters into consideration, it is not very surprising that the catalytic converter of your car can be a common target for thieves out there. 

As a matter of fact, catalytic converters are one of the most common car parts that get stolen.

As a catalytic converter can be pricey for you to replace, on top of the inconvenience you have to face due to the theft, you must take the necessary steps to prevent the theft.

Here are some ways to prevent the theft of your catalytic converter – 

  • Install a steel shield on top of your catalytic converter. It will make the process of removing the catalytic converter much more difficult for a thief. 
  • Other than a steel shield, you can install a cage built with high-strength steel like rebar, as well.
  • Welding stainless steel cables from the catalytic converter to the vehicle can work, as the thieves will have to cut through those for stealing the component.
  • Mark the catalytic converter using fluorescent or bright-color paint along with adding the license plate number of your vehicle to it. 

It will make the thieves less likely to steal your catalytic converter, as most dealers don’t buy marked components to avoid potential troubles.

  • Consider installing a motion sensor and a car alarm in your vehicle. These will alert you if anyone tries to remove your catalytic converter.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find out how much my catalytic converter is worth?

You can utilize the serial number of your catalytic converter to find how much it’s worth before you start to look for buyers. 

Once you can find the serial number of the component, all you have to do is encode it in a database, that will help you to find its worth or scrap value. In case you could not find any serial number on the catalytic converter of your car, just click a picture of the component. 

There are various mobile apps like the Eco trade converter pricing app aka Eco Cat App and web-based apps available for helping you to find out the worth of your catalytic converter.

2. What are the best catalytic converters to scrap?

These are the best catalytic converters for scrapping – 

  • Ferrari F430 (4500 USD per catalytic converter)
  • Dodge Ram 2500 (4100 USD)
  • Lamborghini Aventador (3700 USD per catalytic converter)
  • Ford F250 (3300 USD)
  • Ford Mustang (1800 USD)

Note: Both Lamborghini Aventador and Ferrari F430 acquire two catalytic converters.

3. What if there are no numbers on a catalytic converter?

The majority of the vehicle converters do not acquire any serial number, however, some manufacturing companies make sure to add them. 

In general, the catalytic converters are being produced in a separated section of the warehouse and can frequently be difficult to trace on the assembly line. Moreover, the serial numbers do not contain the VIN of the vehicle and are difficult to find when stolen.

If the serial number of your catalytic converter is scraped off, then it will technically be considered as ‘tempered’. 

However, if you want to find the scrap value of your car’s catalytic converter before looking for customers, but could not locate any serial number on it, just click a picture and upload it on any mobile app like the Eco Cat app or web-based app like, to get the scrap value of your component even without the serial number.

Final Thoughts

The catalytic converter is a vital component of your car’s engine. Besides cleaning the exhaust fumes, a good amount of money can be earned by selling its scrap.

You will be required to look for the serial number or any sort of marking that you can send to a buyer. After sending all the crucial information, you will most likely get a quotation.

However, in case you are willing to receive the maximum value, you can always refer to genuine databases for getting a more precise quote.
So, now that you have learned about the process of finding free catalytic converter scrap value by serial number, we hope you will be able to crack the best deal when selling one.

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